Mortgage Renewal Checklist

If you are at the tail end of your existing mortgage terms within the next few months, now is the time to shop around. Find out what today’s interest rates look like and get ready to negotiate the best deal. Your Kelowna mortgage broker can offer you a variety of options that suit your needs. […]

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Feature Kelowna Realtor: Kyle Cave

We’ve developed some fantastic relationships within the real estate community in Kelowna, and there are a few realtors that we feel stand above the rest when it comes to exceptional client service. So we’ve decided to feature some of these individuals to help you with the process if you’re looking for a great realtor in Kelowna!

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Tips for Financing Your Down Payment

Purchasing a piece of property, commercial space or a home requires careful planning. Saving your money ahead of time will leave you in a much better financial position when it comes time for mortgage downpayment and approval. Your Kelowna Mortgage Broker has some exceptional advice. The BC HOME Partnership Program BC’s eligible first time homebuyers […]

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